Tuesday, February 25, 2003

"Dance Fever," by Kyle York Spencer
New York Magazine, February 24, 2003

The Contents page states:

"Four decades ago, the Quadrille Ball--awash in white gloves, hoop skirts, and eighteenth-century etiquette--was a place where the offspring of the well-to-do and well-connected met their mates. The new economy has made strange bedfellows: Now young professionals of every background from Park Avenue to Paramus don tiaras and tails (not to mention submit to a ten-week finishing school) to get a taste of the golden age of high society, if only for a night."

in the body of the article, Spencer writes about The Quadrille Ball:

"Once a hyper-exclusive event for the offspring of Gotham's well-to-do--including Rothschilds and Gimbels--the Quadrille is now a place where old money, new money, and not-all-that-much money merge...If this is Edith Wharton territory fast-forwarded 80 years, Lily Bart would have met a very different fate. In fact, she might have been recruited because the children of the true elite have gone clubbing" (p.42).

--Submitted by Deborah Hecht, hechtd@tourolaw.edu

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